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Greco products is a Greek company that is active in the sale of Greek organic products mainly of medicinal and aromatic herbs and spices.

  • With scientific training, we select the best varieties, taking into account various parameters (altitude, soil, microclimate) that are decisive for the excellent quality of each plant.
  • All of our herbs are collected by select & certified organic producers in our country.
  • collection, drying, processing – sorting of the herbs as well as packaging is done in a traditional way, manually and not with machines.
  • So we can only choose the useful parts of the herb without destroying it.
  • The package we have chosen does not allow sunlight to come into contact with the herb, protecting and preserving all herb characteristics unchanged.

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In addition to Greek organic herbs and spices, we promote traditional Greek products of the highest quality, such as:

  • Extra virgin olive oil: of the most delicious varieties, organic and conventional.
  • Black Olives: of Kalamata and green from Chalkidiki
  • Dried fruits like bio figs,
  • black currant, blonde, etc.
  • Sweet sweets
  • Essence oils:  from 100% natural herbs
  • Care products  such as traditional olive oil soap and traditional green soap from olive oil.

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  • Each product comes from areas where it has the best productive and quality performance within its natural seasonality.
  • Processed foods are prepared by traditional methods and only from pure materials, avoiding preservatives and chemical additives.
  • Our suppliers are selected by applying combined qualitative criteria while product quality is constantly being tested.
  • Careful packaging and careful pricing to highlight our products and remain accessible to the consumer.

The purpose of GR.Eco is to combine the important features of Greek food products with the modern methods of controlling their production and distribution. This ensures excellent products with a unique flavor, which it promotes in the market with the highest assurances for their quality.

Our company operates under the HASP standard and applies the tracking procedure to monitor each product package.